What would you do if you were suddenly forbidden to see your grandchild?

Grandparents share similar emotional responses, however the choices they make are different.

There is no right or wrong way to cope or live our life when experiencing losing access to a grandchild as a result of unreasonably denied visitation. While some grandparents fight, some wait and some move on with their lives, my choice was to never give up and take the unorthodox path where I would become "Undercover Grandma."

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The holidays can be tough on the kids when suddenly the in-laws become outlaws and are forbidden to visit on Christmas Day and in some extreme situations, they are forbidden to give gifts to the kids. The new man in the house, whether stepfather or boyfriend rearranges the holiday traditions to suit himself. Maybe he lets the kids have gifts but only under certain conditions. For example, he may set a price limit, because he doesn't want the kids spoiled or more important he doesn't want to look cheap because he can't or won't indulge them?

Sadly when the extended family is denied access, often that means no gifts may be given even during Christmas. Don't give up, though, instead donate to a charity for kids and have them send the thank you to the kids or family who has become isolated.

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The New Mate Can Be A Threat To Grandparent Access

December 3, 2018

Being single parent until the kids grow up can be a lonely place for parents. The problem with developing new relationships as a single parent is the danger imposed upon a child's safety and further destruction of the family unit, especially with extended family members. Grandparents.

The new guy has trouble adjusting to the in-laws because of the reminder that it brings of his new woman's previous relationship. The new guy wants to rule the roost without pesky family intrusion, including both sets of grandparents.

When the non-biological male and sometimes female enter the household changes are on the horizon, the biggest being alienation of grandparents.

If these moms and dads would focus more on their parental responsibility, which is to put their children first, homes would be a safer place and grandparents wouldn't be shut out.