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The Well-Dressed Dog

Well, part of dogs becoming the new kid is dressing them in clothes and just Halloween costumes or holiday embellishments. Mine began with little cotton scarves, and then a cotton hoodie. I couldn't forget the foul weather gear, so I bought Diamond a hot pink raincoat, which she hated because it had little sleeves and was too confining. She does like her Ugg sherpa lined-plaid coat, however because it is secured snuggly around her little body using appropriately placed velcro closures.

One time I picked up the cutest little pink rubber shoes, they looked like doll shoes, and I laughed so hard when I put them on her feet. She, however did not think it was one bit funny! Poor thing when she tried walking it looked like she was marching, so I returned them, darn.

Bottom line, we have to put a lot of thought into our pup's clothing to make sure they are comfortable and happy.

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