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She swore she would never have another dog only to have her heart ripped out when they die... but then when her nine-year old GrandDog was in danger of being harmed that all changed.


She never looked back... it was the right thing to do and the best thing to do not just for Diamond but for Susan too.


Diamond has proven to be a true best friend. A friend who is loyal, a friend to share space with, a friend to talk to and who listens, a friend to go places with, a friend to love and be loved by, a friend to share life with.

What happens when the balance of the grandparent-grandchild relationship is interrupted?

It’s a losing situation for everyone involved, and while children have no voice and no choice, it’s the grandparents who do.

Faced with a stay away letter from the parents, an act protected by California law, Susan Hoffman sought an alternative course of action to share in her grandson’s life, leading her to becoming an “undercover grandma” of sorts.

Susan then successfully took on the challenge to change that California law, building a nationwide support system for other disenfranchised grandparents along the way.

It has been said that one of the most dangerous places for a child to live is in a home with a non-biological male. It’s a statistical fact that parents are more likely to abuse their stepchildren than they are their biological children— a phenomenon commonly referred to as the Cinderella effect in evolutionary psychology.

In spite of the warnings, Marjorie Van Ness chose to marry the one man that everyone hated. Stefanie’s new step-father wasted no time in showing her who was boss. Meanwhile, her mother did nothing to protect her from the physical and emotional abuse that he inflicted upon her child. 
The story illustrates both the mistreatment and ambivalence toward a stepchild, as well as the lasting impact that witnessing spousal abuse can have on a child.

The book contains twenty-two abiding principles of behavior that are called "Rickisms" in reference to Marriage and Family Therapist, Rick Harrison. He believed that people deserve to feel good about themselves and those they care about. He provided the tools to help improve and maintain sound relationships and to achieve more adequate, satisfying and productive results in all phases of life, personal, work and spiritual. His talent for saying more by using less words is what the 22 treasured life-lesson quotes are all about.

 Something different for grandparents or anyone looking to improve communication and eliminate conflict! It works! Grandparents who take steps to adopt these principles have actually been successful in reuniting with grandchildren.
   This new book, will truly help grandparents preserve the grandparent-grandchild relationship by taking steps to right the wrongs that threaten the bond.
    This book is a hands-on self help book that teaches grandparents how to rely on their own resources that perhaps they didn’t know they had. Some may be new behaviors and some are common sense approaches that need to be awakened. 


$12.95 donation includes shipping.

Grandparent rights are really about children's rights.

The book is an overview of grandparent rights from one person's point of view as well as interviews with other grandparents experiencing alienation. There is detailed legislative information about the California bill that became law.


Professionals weigh in about parental alienation syndrome. Vital information is provided for grandparents looking for answers.

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